Monday, July 23, 2018
Help us stop the Clog!

Bacon grease, chicken fat, vegetable oil are just a few examples of FOG.  It tends to clump together with other FOG washed down drains or flushed in toilets, slowly congealing and reducing flow capacity in the sewer pipes.  Much like too much fat in your diet can cause clogged arteries and lead to a heart attack in humans, the result of many households washing FOG down their drains can also be disastrous causing backups in your home or your neighbors home with extensive and unpleasant damage.

Fats don't dissolve in water.  Washing FOG down the drain with hot water may take it past your sewer connection, but as the water cools, the fats and grease harden in sewer pipes.  Detergents dissolve fat enough to clean your dishes or laundry, but not enough to keep it from congealing in the sewer.

Put it in the trash.  If a FOG will solidify, let it.  Placing it in your refrigerator or freezer can speed up the process. Simply spoon it into a container (preferably not anything recyclable) and put it in the trash, once it is solid.

Scrape plates into the garbage using a rubber or silicon spatula.

Before washing pans or anything containing FOG, pour it into a container to solidify.  Then wipe the pan with a paper towel before you wash it to absorb as much FOG as possible and discard the paper towel in the trash.

Don't put liquid oil in the trash.  Instead, place it in a sealed can and add kitty litter, coffee grounds or other absorbent material.






What ARE you supposed to do with the leftover cooking oil and grease from that turkey you fried? 

  • Do NOT put it in the trash
  • Do NOT pour it down the drain
  • Do NOT pour it on the ground
  • Turkey Frying Facts 

    Eliminating Fats, Oils, & Grease


    Instead, take it to a recycling drop off site:

    Recycle Depot
    5507 S Cedar St, Lansing

    How to recycle Cooking oil  


    Unused prescription and over the counter medications that are put in drains or flushed down the toilet, pollute the environment.  Please take as prescribed and dispose of unused portions properly.

    Most medications in pill, tablet & liquid form are accepted every day at most of the local police depts and some pharmacies.  Call ahead to verify that your local police dept or pharmacy has a drop off location. 

    For more information, visit: Lansing Area Take Back Meds


    When it comes to garbage disposals, drains, toilets, and trash cans, they are not all the same.  Disposing of trash down drains and toilets can cause harm to human health and our local environment.  Using drains and toilets as trash cans may create sewer overflows into streets and water bodies.  Treatment plants effectively remove toilet paper from wastewater; all other garbage should go in the trash can.

    Let's Talk Trash!