Sunday, June 24, 2018

What ARE you supposed to do with the leftover cooking oil and grease from that turkey you fried? 

  • Do NOT put it in the trash
  • Do NOT pour it down the drain
  • Do NOT pour it on the ground
  • Turkey Frying Facts
    Eliminating Fats, Oils, & Grease

    Please take it to one of the following recycling drop off sites listed below:

    Recycle Depot
    5507 S Cedar St, Lansing

    How to recycle Cooking oil   website


    Unused prescription and over the counter medications that are put in drains or flushed down the toilet, pollute the environment.  Please take as prescribed and dispose of unused portions properly.

    No Drugs Down the Drain

    Most medications in pill, tablet & liquid form are accepted every day at most of the local police depts and some pharmacies.  Call ahead to verify that your local police dept or pharmacy has a drop off location. 

    For more information, visit: Lansing Area Take Back Meds


    When it comes to garbage disposals, drains, toilets, and trash cans, they are not all the same.  Disposing of trash down drains and toilets can cause harm to human health and our local environment.  Using drains and toilets as trash cans may create sewer overflows into streets and water bodies.  Treatment plants effectively remove toilet paper from wastewater; all other garbage should go in the trash can.

    Let's Talk Trash