Friday, July 23, 2021

Smoke Testing Information

Smoke testing is conducted as part of the evaluation in areas suspected to have inflow problems. Inflow into the sanitary sewer system by storm water can lead to sanitary sewer overflows (illegal in the State of Michigan), treating of clean storm water at the treatment plant, or worse; sewage backups into residences connected to the sanitary sewer system.
The smoke test uses a non-toxic WHITE SMOKE, which is forced through the sewer lines using air pressure, to help locate any inflow/infiltration areas in the sewer system. Smoke testing is an economical and relatively fast method for identifying the location of inflow sources such as structural damage in sewer pipes or manholes and cross connections including downspouts, foundation drains, yard drains, storm sewers, and undocumented/illegal connections.

Private properties may have several connections to the sanitary sewer system such as downspouts, floor drains and sump pumps. Defects can allow toxic sewer gas and wastewater to seep up into the residence itself.


Frequently Asked Questions - this is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers

MSDS - A copy of the material safety data sheet with more information about the product that is used for the smoke testing.

LiquiSmoke - Additional information about the product.

Picture ID - all employees will carry picture identification.  This is a copy of the identification.