Industrial Pretreatment Program


“The SCCMUA Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP), approved by the MDEQ, strives to protect: the environment, public health, the Authorities employees, the wastewater collection system, and the wastewater treatment facility.  SCCMUA will achieve our IPP goal through observance of federal and state environmental regulations by assisting our customers in maintaining or returning to compliance.”

WHAT IS IT?  “IPP” (Industrial Pretreatment Program) is designed to monitor all discharges to the sanitary sewer system to make sure that they will not cause the plant to violate their permit with the MDEQ.  There are two types of divisions in the program:

Residential:  are your average homes that discharge waste to the sanitary sewer.

Non-Residential:  is broken into four classes.

  •     Commercial – are businesses that send primarily domestic waste to the system.

  •     Industrial – are businesses that send more than domestic waste to the system.

  •     Significant Industrial – are businesses that send waste controlled and treated under an IPP program.

  •     Categorical Users – are typically very large industries, factories, etc. that send waste controlled and treated under an IPP program.

Non-Domestic surveys are conducted every five (5) years to comply with MDEQ regulations to track industrial users.  Local limits are available upon request.