Southern Clinton County Municipal Authority – WWTP Improvements
The Southern Clinton County Municipal Authority will hold a public hearing on the proposed
Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement project for the purpose of receiving comments from
interested persons.

The hearing will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at the following location:
3671 W Herbison Rd, DeWitt, MI 48820

The purpose of the proposed project is to replace outdated equipment at the facility and upgrade
miscellaneous treatment processes to be able to handle the average and peak flows that are
experienced at the plant and that will be experienced at the plant over the next 20 years.
Equipment replacements include pumps at the Sandhill Lift Station, screening and grit equipment,
RBC blowers, secondary clarifier mechanisms, and tertiary filters. This project will also include the
replacement of the chlorine disinfection system with a more reliable and environmentally friendly
ultraviolet disinfection system. There will also be miscellaneous heating, ventilation and electrical
upgrades to replace antiquated equipment.

Project construction will involve the physical demolition and removal of certain pieces of
equipment, tanks, building walls, and miscellaneous structures/hardware to allow for the
installation of new equipment, walls and channels, tankage, and pertinent accessories. There will
be concrete, asphalt, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and structural construction activities
occurring throughout this project.

Impacts of the proposed project include temporary construction activities on site, temporary
bypass pumping of certain processes when under construction, and temporary ground
disturbances for the parking lot replacement outside the headworks building. The facility will
continue the successful treatment of wastewater throughout the project. The permanent impacts
will be: more efficient mechanical equipment, elimination of hazardous chlorine chemicals, and
more reliable treatment effectiveness.

The estimated cost to users for the proposed project will be approximately $3.98 / month per
residential equivalent unit (REU).

Copies of the plan detailing the proposed project are available for inspection at the following
SCCMUA WWTP 3671 W Herbison Rd, Dewitt, MI 48820

2022-04-01 SCCMUA Draft Project Plan COMPILED

Written comments received before the hearing record is closed on May 17, 2022
will receive responses in the final project plan. Written comments should be sent to:
Brad Gurski, , 3671 W Herbison Rd, Dewitt, MI 48820