Public Outreach & Tours

We provide many public resources for our local community to learn about wastewater treatment and how to protect our environment.


Learning fosters responsibility and leadership.  Our tours are a great way to learn about the wastewater treatment process.  Many people, students as well as adults, have no idea what happens after they take a shower, run the sink, or flush the toilet.  Tours offer an overview of how the dirty water that comes into the plant is cleaned before returning the water to the Looking Glass River. 

Tours are conducted both inside the facility and on the plant grounds.  All visitors must wear comfortable, closed toe shoes for safety.  Please dress appropriately for weather conditions as all tours take place rain or shine.  Please note that some areas require using stairs.

Due to the construction onsite, we are pausing tours until completion. We expect to be able to start tours again sometime in 2025.

Classroom Visits

Guest speakers are available for classroom visits.  We will talk about the wastewater process during the visit. There are various options for presentation during a classroom visit.

For more information about scheduling a classroom visit and to discuss the different materials that can be covered, please contact Brad Gurski at 517-669-8311.

Utility Locate Request – Miss Dig

When you are getting ready to dig, please call Miss Dig for a utility locate.  They will contact all of the utility providers who will come out and mark where the various utilities are located.  This will help contractors and homeowners avoid costly repairs.

Requests can be made by clicking here or calling 811 or 800-482-7171.

Educational Brochures

What not to put down the sink and in the toilet – Do’s and Don’ts

Beware of the Grease Goblin! – FOG

Wipes Clog Pipes – Brochure

Wipes Clog Pipes – Video