TV & Clean

All Sanitary Sewer Customers of Bath, DeWitt, Watertown Charter Townships & the City of DeWitt

SCCMUA has contracted with Plummer’s Environmental Services Inc. to clean and televise all of the sanitary sewers within these municipalities. This cleaning program was designed to clean and televise approximately 26 miles of sanitary sewer every year during a 5-10 year cycle.

SCCMUA strives to promote a healthful and attractive environment by collecting all sewage from existing and projected development in a sanitary and economic manner. There are currently 50 lift stations scattered throughout the entire collection system which is located within Watertown, Bath, and DeWitt Charter Townships and the City of DeWitt. All of these sanitary sewers eventually feed to the SCCMUA Clean Water Facility at 3671 W. Herbison Road in DeWitt Charter Township.

Because of the nature of this service, there is a possibility for residents to experience some unpleasant odors and noise. SCCMUA and Plummer’s also will be working in easements and traffic could be slightly affected by these vehicles. However, there are several important steps residents can take to prevent potential problems:

Make sure there is water in all traps in the home – including the ones in the basement – before and after the service in your area is completed. The process of cleaning the lines involves high-pressure water, which can create a vacuum in the lines and drain the water from the traps and toilets. Without water in the traps, gases can come through the drains and into your home, creating odors.

Make certain lids are closed on toilets during this process.

Be patient. This process may be a short-term inconvenience, but will be a long-term benefit by preventing potentially significant problems down the line.

This year’s tentative cleaning and televising schedule is as follows:

Dewitt Charter Township

Bath Charter Township

Watertown Charter Township

City of Dewitt

SCCMUA and each of the municipalities would like to thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions please call the SCCMUA Clean Water Facility at 517-669-8311 and we will gladly answer them.